Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Me getting fucked by a big vegetable

Those of you who have worked their way through past postings on my blog will know that when I am feeling horny and in need of some firm persistent and deeply felt sex, I am often found on the bed, my legs wide apart and bottom thrust outwards, my buttocks parted and my hands gripping a large cucumber bought fresh from my local supermarket. It’s not elegant but by golly it satisfies a girl’s inner need to feel her insides being re-arranged by a big fat penetrating shape in her pussy. The squirting of KY jelly all over the hard green surface and the shivery anticipation is wonderful and exhilarating as I feel the tip of the hard vegetable nuzzle into the soft entrance to my ass-pussy, it is enough to make my little clit begin to dribble pre-cum before I’ve even got going properly. The first penetration takes my breath away as I feel the cold hard shape slowly slide in and begin its journey into the softest most open part of my body. Till after some patient pushing and holding it tight I am feeling very full and very stretched as the tip is pressed deep inside me belly.
It is all so quiet and personal, don’t get me wrong I adore being in the arms of a man and have him seduce me and take me and give me a good fucking but alternatively, quiet moments like this when you are controlling the speed of penetration and the depth of penetrations makes for a special personal sexy time.
So here I am in the pictures, open and very wet inside with a large cucumber slowly making its way into the tight warm depth of my pussy, my little stretched open sphincter is gripping it and sending wonderful sensations into my crotch making me so so wet and drip pre-cum all over my thighs. I hope you enjoy the pictures, of course I’d prefer a nice big hard eager cock pushing its way into me and filling me with gallons of hot creamy spunk……. but when I am alone and feeling frisky a nice big vegetable is the next best thing!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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