Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I've been wondering how many men have fucked me over my lifetime!

I was lying in bed a few days ago trying to remember past lovers………it was one of those moments in the early morning when you wake up and can’t get back to sleep because your brain has woken up, and very unusual experience in my case, with my tiny sleepy brain!
As I reached back into my memory, I quickly totted up around 240 men who had all been inside me and those were the very memorable sex sessions, the ones that stick in the mind as being particularly erotic, dirty or just plain sexy……Then after a while I realised that there were many many more sexual encounters in my sticky past!.....some quick and brief knee tremblers, others….. marathon fucking sessions with me being relentlessly pounded between my buttocks.
There were morning sessions started on waking up with an erection sticking in my back, me in the back of a car with my ankles in the hanging straps, gang bangs, sex while out running for exercise, party sex, club sex, older man and young me sex, two partner sex, dungeon sex, me tied up and fucked while in a cage sex, sex with a guy while on a climbing expedition, sex in the desert, sex in the corridors of the Crac des Chevaliers, on a speed boat, sex underwater with aqualungs and my bikini bottoms removed, sex on a beach, in a tent, on a moped, in the bath, over the bath, sex leaning out of a window, sex in woods, forests, parks and farmyards, on the top of a double decker bus, in a cave, halfway up the stairs, in various beds, on tables, armchairs, coffee tables, in a museum, a storeroom of a grocery shop, sex on a cliff face and later again at the top of the cliff, in fact I seem to have been fucked in literally every which way. I am not showing off with this litany of sexual encounters and to be honest I’m slightly appalled when I think of all the erect cocks and penises that have been thrust into me over my life. After about 800 I literally lost count.
So the embarrassing truth is that over my life I have been fucked by probably well over a thousand men, which makes me out to be a major slut. As for all that cum that has been ejaculated into me, it must add up to gallons!!!!!........... To be honest I’m not sure whether to be ashamed or proud! and I hope there’ll be many more to cum yet before I shuffle off my mortal coil!

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Martin John said...

Love you babe xxxx