Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I've always wanted to be a stripper

Ever since I have been sexually active, I have been hugely attracted to stripping in front of males. It is not an opportunity that happens that often but I revel n the idea of men standing in front of me in a group, audience or singly, and getting a big erection watching me being a complete slut and offering myself for sex by slowly stripping off my clothes till little is left covering my modesty! and they can all see the center of attention between my legs! (especially when I crouch down, legs apart, heels against my buttocks, leaving my crotch open and exposed and vulnerable to being fondled felt or kissed!)

I have done a few strips in my time and I'm glad to say that after each one I did manage to inflame the lust in my audience enough to end up getting fucked by a gloriously hard cock or two!

These pics are just a sort of warm up process! You only get the slow pulling down of jeans ending up with me in just knickers bra and stockings!.......all this of course is with the aim to me eventually being bedded!.......jeans on the floor, legs wide apart, hips gripped by a pair of big manly hands, buttocks stretched open and a large, fat, hard cock rammed deep into my pussy with my small white knickers lying in a sticky crunched up little ball of lace on top of my jeans!I hope you enjoy me! or at least have a good wank over me!

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