Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Being a bride

As anyone who has read past postings on my blog will know, I have always had a deep-seated desire one day to be a bride! I know unlikely and a fantasy!........
I dream of going through my wedding day alongside my gorgeous handsome new husband....then in the evening to be taken to bed and given what a bride needs on her first night of marriage a long deep hard and fulfilling fuck!
I want to watch as my wedding dress is  pulled up round my waist and to feel the grooms long hard erection poking out of his suit trousers nudge and push its way between my parted thighs.
I want confetti to spill out of my lower white knickers and to feel his mouth search out mine and crush my lips with his passion and lust.....
I want to kneel on all fours and feel his hard cock pounding my wet and open ass and after chasing me round the bed and getting himself inside me from all angles......to finally make me moan and whimper as I feel that sudden surge of wet heat as he pours load after load of fresh creamy sperm deep into my stomach and soaking my gaping welcoming stretched open ass!

I sometimes hear myself muttering under my breath when I play with myself .....I do I do I do!!! and if I hear the wedding march music play I start to feel the beginnings of a little orgasm!

Oh well one can dream I think I am probably well past the young virginal bride stage but its nice to fantasize!!

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