Sunday, 22 November 2015

sucking a man is such a joy!

I do enjoy giving head, the whole experience makes me feel more feminine and turned on. I love looking up and watching my lover's face as my tongue dances around the edge of his big swollen purple cock head! the heat from his erection filling my mouth alone gives me a deep stab of pleasure between my hips! i love the scent of man as he takes his pleasure with my mouth.
As I lick and nibble and suck on him, I sometimes imagine what he will feel like when he's buried himself in my stretched and open ass and is just about to cum and fill my ass with a thick jet of hot fresh sperm!

when I was much younger I could get so turned on sucking a man that I would have a spontaneous orgasm without touching myself at all. I'd be sucking away....then suddenly feel the sugary wave of pleasure as I spurted then dripped my cum through my knickers and onto the floor........ sometimes it would be timed

so I came just as he exploded down my throat in a hot synchronized orgasm for both of us and a fresh load of protein for me!! 

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