Friday, 26 August 2011

Andrea on weds the 24th at Candygirls in Sunbury London

Well last weds was fun! The pictures above were taken at the end of a long night at Candygirls again... and sadly no one came up and whispered blog in my ear! To claim me!!
but after spending a little time in the orgy room it somehow didn’t seem necessary, as I sat astride a big hard cock, with my dress round my waist feeling him swell and buck beneath me! I had lots of sucking, fondling and fucking and I took these pics in the dressing room just before going home at 2.00am!
I had a few guys that evening and had some lovely compliments about my dress! So I felt very warm and tired and stretched when I finally got home and tumbled into bed! To lie there, legs apart, letting all the sensations die down!!
Candygirls has had to cancel the weds night sessions due to lease problems so I’ll have to find somewhere else to have my regular orgy nights!!

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Anonymous said...

mmm. lovely, when you taking a run xxx, maybe i will be waiting to surprise and make up for candy girl night out xx