Friday, 19 August 2011

This weds the 24th of August I will be going to the special night at the T-girl club Candygirls in Sunbury south west London.
It is the last weds special night they will be holding, due to changes in the lease agreement of the premises.... so I am hoping it will be wild and very sexy night
As I said before....... anyone who comes over on the night and whispers the word BLOG in my ear........ can fuck me in any position they want, just as soon as you take me by the hand and can find somewhere for me to lie down or bend over and after pulling my knickers down my thighs, my legs will part and I am yours.
Just as a sort of pre-night briefing, this is the outfit I will be wearing but with white stockings and a lace suspender belt instead of white hold-ups!
The dress is quite transparent, so if I stand against the light.... you’ll clearly see the outline of my inner thighs and my bottom and my white lacy underwear will show through the material!
I hope you can make it and have a chance to enjoy me!


greenhawk46 said...

you'd be so nice to enjoy too-
"blog" xxxx Jim

Andrea Kitten said...

I just wish I could award myself to you!!