Monday, 15 August 2011

To undress in front of a man is both an art and an instinctive animal action! The interaction of lust lies at the heart of the game of show and hide....... to reveal enough that he is going to swell and harden in his pants! but also to hide enough to arouse curiosity and a voyeuristic pleasure in exploring with the eyes the creature he will soon be bedding!
The aim is to open little parts of yourself that are intimate and clearly sexual, from the soft skin at the top of your thighs to the tight material of your underwear that stretches across the soft skin and hides the delights that are between your legs.
At the back...... small strips of coloured elasticated lace that make up a thong.... split and separate the curve of your buttocks, creating two firm quivering mounds of soft flesh ready to be fondled.... and for him to push his pubic bone against as he rampages through you with his erection!
In bright lights.... the shadows must just be dark enough to make white lace knickers faintly glow as glimpsed under the hem of a skirt, or as you cross your legs..... to flash stocking tops and suspenders disappearing high into the darkness of your dress.
Finally after much playful showing then hiding and watching the bulge at the front of his trouser grow....... you move forward and press his face against your lower belly so he can smell your perfume and perhaps taste what he is soon to be inside and filling with his seed
Stripping for a man is a satisfying mating game that when played well enhances life and makes for a strong and long lasting ejaculation!


greenhawk46 said...

Andrea- just the description of doing that by you gets me going xxxx Jim

Andrea Kitten said...

Thanks babe.....who knows!..... one day I might be standing in front of you..... slowly bending over at the waist to reveal a mass of lacy underwear!! and more all offered to you to take!!!!!

Cashcooper said...

Andrea, you sure know how to get me hard and I would love to feel your buttocks against my raging hardon!!

Andrea Kitten said...

that wish goes both ways Cashcooper, I'd be delighted to back hard and slowly right onto your hard on!