Tuesday, 17 March 2015

late night fuck with a cab driver

A while ago I used to visit Lacy ladies quite regularly a tgirl club which was then in a building off Cable Street. It was a friendly cheerful club and on every visit, I would be taken by a number of admirers led by the hand and taken to one of the little private rooms at the back of the main dance floor and bar-room. Once in the little sweaty cubicle with its red lighting they would lift my dress and pull my knickers to one side and would give me a glorious deep fuck, leaving my sex gaping open and satisfied! It had a sleazy atmosphere but it never felt threatening and I generally had a great time on each visit.
On this one occasion I was wearing a mocha coloured halter neck dress and had had a wonderful sexy evening. I collected my big bag from reception and left the club at what must have been about 3.00 in the morning. It was high summer and the early morning air was fresh and I felt sassy with slightly sticky knickers,  as I swung my hips and returned to my car which I’d parked in a side street.
For me the journey home was quite long, in normal hours as I live in West London, so I usually made my way through the City of London and drove either North, passing Kings Cross station or skirted South and ended up crossing Lambeth bridge, going back north and going through Pimlico and up to Earls court.
I had been driving a short while and was still feeling slight electricity between my thighs after the energetic sex of the last few hours. There was little traffic on the road so I opened my windows and pulled my dress up to reveal my stockings and lacy knickers underneath. My attention was vaguely on the road and even at that late hour I always obeyed the traffic lights even with deserted roads just in case there was a patrolling police car in the vicinity!
I had drawn up to some lights not far from the houses of parliament and a black cab stopped alongside me. The street lighting was very bright and I suddenly became aware that the taxi driver was peering into my car from his slightly higher perspective and was grinning broadly at me. Normally I would have just closed the window and carried on normally for home….but……I was still feeling quit e horny, even after some quite prolonged sex at Lacyladies!
I slid very slightly lower in the seat and opened my thighs and smiled at him. The lights then changed and we moved off slowly. After a minute or two I looked in my rear view mirror and sure enough I found he was sticking closely to my tail! Once again we came slowly to more traffic lights and I thought OK he might think I’m a real girl sitting here going home from a party or something so I’ll show him what I really am! There were literally no other vehicles around apart from the odd newspaper delivery van, so I waited till he was alongside again, then after making sure he was peering at me and leaning out of his cab window a little, I gave him a little show.
I opened my thighs wide and began feeling my  lace covered crotch using slow lascivious movements and fingering myself a little, then I pulled aside the lace and pulled out my firm little cock and began stroking it in full view of my new friend. I was waiting for the shout of abuse and to see the cab drive off in disgust, but no….. he was now leaning out of his cab and said in a sotto voce voice, “ere darling do you fuck!?”
It was actually quite funny as he was quite a butch guy and experience has shown you never know quite what sort of reception you’ll get when they find out you’re a girl with a bit extra, but my cabby seemed to be very much ‘up for it’.
There are times in life when the sensible thing is to move on in an unobtrusive way through life, which reduces the risk of attack, muggings, rape, etc, but often cuts out possible exciting naughty pleasure! and I should have just driven sedately home but for some reason I was feeling particularly debauched and aroused and the idea of a quick fuck with a stranger was really turning me on enormously!.....so.
 I leant across to my open passenger window and said in a husky voice. “Do you have somewhere we could go?”
To which he replied in a slightly small boy voice, “not inside or anything like that but if you don’t mind, I know a quiet place we can fuck out of doors luv! do you want to follow me”
While talking through the window I was making a very fast, semi-subconscious, risk assessment and it did occur to me that I did have his black cab number, so he was unlikely to end up doing me any harm and the truth was my knickers were getting very wet again with a continual leaking stream of pre-cum soaking into the gusset.
He drove of slowly and I obediently followed him as we drove South and ended up with him stopping ahead of me in an entrance to a small factory with a short cul-de-sac  road that clearly shielded us from onlookers. The surrounding area was non-residential so we weren’t in any danger of being over looked by people in flats!
I decided to get out of my car and go to his cab as at least there was more room in his car than mine. He has got out and opened the door for me and I got in teetering slightly on my heels only to feel a warm hand quickly slip up the back of my dress and gently clasp one of my buttocks! I fell forward slightly and landed awkwardly on the big bench seat, as he quickly followed me into the back of the cab, his hand still up my dress. He leant over me and clamped his mouth over mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth and kissing me hard. After that he was the veritable ‘octopus’, his hand were everywhere and all over me. He pushed me back into the seat and thrust his knee between my thighs, whilst running his fingers around and under my buttocks, lifting me slightly of the seat. This lustful manoeuvring finally got his fingers brushing up against my sex and after quickly spitting on them he firmly pushed first two, then three fingers deep into my arse.
The good thing was that having been fucked a lot previously that night, my sex hole was stretched open and relaxed and still full of lube from sex during the evening. His fingers went straight into me and I found my breath coming in gulps as he finger fucked me and kissed me at the same time.
I was getting seriously turned on now and I feverishly grabbed towards his trouser fly and after some gentle wrestling managed to pull out a nice fat cut erect cock, I was about to clamp my mouth down on this nice big purple cockhead when he suddenly pulled away from me and knelt down on the floor, my legs were pushed wide apart he began sucking frantically on my sticky little cock shaft.
He was a little rough but by that stage I was well over the edge and feeling like a bitch in heat! All the previous sex had basically kept me on a sort of orgasmic edge and my cabby was now rapidly taking me over that edge. I felt my orgasm building and managed to pull his head off me before I exploded and pulled him up to taste a sticky cummy kiss from him, his lips covered in my pre-cum juice.
I then whispered loudly in his ear  “quick you should fuck me over the bonnet of your cab”. He paused for a moment during his lustful onslaught; letting the idea sink in, then a broad grin spread across his face.
I picked up my handbag from my car and went round to the front of his cab, at the same time managing to find an unopened condom in the depth of my bag. I stood facing the front of the cab and tucked my dress into the waistband of my suspender belt and lent over, pushing my bottom out and spreading my legs. He took the condom and after tearing the pack with his teeth he quickly slid it on over his bulging erection. I then felt his hands pull apart my buttocks and the familiar nudging of a cock head being pushed against my ass pussy.
The bonnet of the cab was quite hot and I had to lift my chest of the metal and brace myself with my hands against the headlights. Then after keeping up the pressure against my crotch my sphincter twitched and he managed to slide the whole length of his cock into me and started to fuck me energetically, banging and slapping his balls against my soft crotch.
It was a short glorious fuck and I felt wonderful standing, legs apart in the cool night air and as I felt him speed up and stiffen harder inside me I knew he was about to cum and so let my own orgasm start.
He orgasmed and quickly filled the condom  with creamy sperm while at the same time I came, with my pussy muscles spasming and squeezing his cock empty,  as I dripped thin sticky cum down between my shaking thighs onto the front bumper of the cab. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, his cock still firmly wedged deep into my body, the dawn chorus starting and the sky glowing with that summer pre-dawn glow. It was utterly delightful.
We finally tidied up and he kissed me long and hard, my back pressed against the cab’s radiator and it seemed somehow deeply romantic!.......before I wiped myself, retrieved my knickers from the road where they had fallen and got back in my car leaving my satiated cabby waving sadly goodbye.
I finally fell into bed about 4.30 and fell asleep, my legs spread wide and my body glowing and tingling and assimilating the sensations of having had five men fuck me over a period of five hours. 

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