Saturday, 21 March 2015

I love cooking for my lovers

I love cooking and I love cooking for a lover! The whole preparation of food is awash with erotic metaphor, pulling apart vegetables, preparing meat for stuffing, making creamy white sauces, it all has, if you are in the right frame of mind, sexual overtones.
Another thing that I will do for a lover is invite them over to an intimate dinner for two, eaten at the kitchen table. The advantage of this is I can sit them down with a glass of wine while I bustle around preparing the food and having an outrageously sexual small talk with them. My outfit for the evening is a small pair of black lace panties, stockings or hold ups, depending on my man’s preference, a lacy see-thru bra and over the top a short frilly apron.   
This outfit allows me to keep me safe from any splashing from the pans or saucepan while putting on display my bottom and legs which hopefully will end up being parted by my lover holding a large erection in front of them.
During the cooking process I always taste the various components of the meal to check seasoning and making sure they are properly cooked. In the same vein I usually get my lovers cock out of their trousers and every few minutes I taste it carefully sucking it deep into my mouth and running my tongue around the hard ridges of the cock head, this helps to keeps him ‘simmering’ for me!
I finally serve the first course and usually sit of his lap often so his hard cock is poking up between my thighs and I serve him a taste form a fork or spoon followed by a long unhurried kiss!
Then I serve the various dishes while in between courses, encouraging him to feel and fondle me whenever the urge takes him. To urge him on I end up bending over as much as possible and keep myself close to him reaching out to fondle his swollen and upright penis at every opportunity.
Finally the meal is finished and hopefully by now my lover is usually pretty eager to do some of his own stuffing and to create his own white sauce for me. Sometimes the urge is so strong that dishes and tableware and pushed to the end of the table while I bed over, legs spread wide just to finally get that wonderful big hard cock sliding into my wet and open sex!
No matter what, I usually end up being filled with thick double man cream or swallowing a generous helping of creamy spunk. We then retire to the sitting room for a post fuck brandy and chocolates, which I like to rub over his cock and then lick the chocolate off his shaft, hopefully encouraging him to summon up the energy for a second long slow relaxed fuck.
Then afterwards, as a final dessert, I love to finger myself and taste his sticky cum as it oozes out of me!


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Twohandslong said...

Great description of your "full" coarse meal. You sound like a great person to know and date. I'd love to cook for you someday or together if possible. We'd produce something hot & spicy, with a flare for a nice juice sausage, with a huge squirt of juice when stoked to profection.
You're a smart babe with much to offer...maybe someday....??.