Friday, 20 March 2015

the eroticism of ballet dancing

As some of you know from previous posts….. I adore ballet and when I was about 12 I really really wanted to be a ballerina, I dreamt of being lighter than air and dancing around the stage held aloft by strong male lead dancers while wearing a froth of punk around my middle and a beautiful embroidered tutu!, feet tightly bound and legs covered in tight white dancers tights!...... In fact while staying with the friend from school I was left alone for a couple of hours and found in his sisters room her ballet tutu and ballet skirt! I tried them on and virtually came immediately in my pants!
Since then I did for a while have a lover who was a male ballet dancer, fit and very handsome. On one occasion he dressed me in a tight tutu and skirt and tights with pumps he then basically danced around me in his flat. We ended up with him pushing his bulge in between my buttocks and I managed to get his cock into me while standing with a hole ripped in the tights and the crotch of my tutu pulled to one side so he could slide his cock into me. He had a small section of a practicing bar in his flat screwed into the wall and I ended up with one leg raised and lying along the bar while he stood behind me and slid his gorgeous long cock into me.  
So here are a few ballet pics that might titillate!

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