Wednesday, 18 March 2015

As I lay back on the bed and he gently pulls apart my thighs

 I know I need him inside me!

That is a pretty good prequel to getting down and dirty with a man! The opening prelude to full on penetrative sex, can build up amazing levels of arousal and is deeply exciting as you feel yourself being prepared to be seduced. I love to reach out and grasp a large rampant erection waving between his legs and kiss him hard and wetly, as I rub my fingers around the fat cock-head, hopefully stretching up from the mattress to quickly suckle on the cock and wet it with your saliva.
It is this lead up that is so precious and should be extended for as long as is bearable to get maximum  pleasure both for him and for you.
Then after some soft wrestling and feeling his arms hold you tight as you push up and press your groin hard into his penis you finally lay still and submit to his hard veiny male lust… begins that moment when he places himself at the entrance to your androgynous femininity and after a pause begin to slide himself into your yielding flesh.
There is a slight pause as you feel your insides respond and stretch to make space for this invading hard male flesh
Then you fuck like animals and as if your lives depended on it! Ending with him breeding you deeply and thoroughly and filling you with his fresh live and eager sperm
And that’s when this girl orgasms and her bodies grips his rod in an attempt to squeeze the last drops of his ejaculate into her convulsing boi-cunt    

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