Monday, 16 March 2015

Tie me up and fuck me

As I've said before, being tied up is a deeply erotic expeience for me and something I enjoy deeply although I am not addicted to it. It is just one part of the array of activities that deepen my orgasms and add spice to sex.

The sense of helplessness is electric especially if you are in the hands of a hard, aroused and lustful man. I always makes sure that when I am tied up the ropes restrict my freedom but not his access to my sex! I love the deep sexual pleasure that comes from being maneuvered while completely helpless so your lover can penetrate you more easily the position of me in the pictures gives a man easy access for his cock to penetrate me while keeping me tightly bound up and helpless!
Look at my pictures and imagine you are thrusting yourself deep inside me while pulling on ropes that tighten and make me totally under your control!
omg I think I'm going to cum just thinking about it!

1 comment:

Paului said...

I'm looking and imagining ,i'd love to be thrusting deep into you x